Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Review of "Star Wars Rogue One: Mission Files," by Jason Fay

 Review of

Star Wars Rogue One: Mission Files, by Jason Fay ISBN 9781405285032

Four out of five stars

A spy dossier on the theft of the Death Star plans

 Temporally established a short time before the opening of “Star Wars Episode IV,” the movie “Star Wars Rogue One” establishes the backdrop of the opening scrolled message of episode IV as well as the reason for the imperial ship chasing the smaller ship carrying the Princess and the two droids. This book is a companion in the form of an intelligence dossier describing the main characters surrounding the spy network that acquires the plans and the background of the weapon capable of destroying a planet.

 Each specific entry is small, so the information is limited. By itself, this book will not give you a great deal of information about the events in the movie. I have not seen the movie, although I did familiarize myself with it before I read the book. Yet, I was still uncertain at the end what role all of the characters that were not part of episode IV played.

 This book is part of the Star Wars storyline, so it is almost impossible for it to be uninteresting and entertaining. Yet, as the subtitle “Mission Files” indicates, the entries assume prior knowledge of the topic. Making it coherent is a heavy lift that was not achieved.

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