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Review of "Accidents: A Legal Misadventure," by Phillip Rohlin

 Review of

 Accidents: A Legal Misadventure, by Phillip Rohlin ISBN 9781478718543

Four out of five stars

Cast of weird characters in the legal profession

  This story features some very unusual, if not psychotic, lawyers. Tim is an expert in music; he is able to identify the specific press of a vinyl album after only a short time listening to it. He also once deliberately ate glass in his closing argument to prove to a jury that a plaintiff that claimed great bodily injury due to a few shards of glass in food was lying. There is Jackie (the Fatman) who regularly has his genitals tightly in his hand when he is in conference with clients or negotiating over the phone. The Fatman keeps lush plants on his desk so that clients he is in conference with cannot get a good look at him. The Fatman also forms a religion based on psyllium and chia seeds that successfully pass through his entire digestive tract. He carries a jar of those seeds with him and is quite proud of it. Rich is another lawyer that befriends a toothless woman called the Blooze, pimping her out for oral sex. He has found that negotiations with others go much better after they have had a round with the Blooze. Some of the females also discover that the Blooze has other talents as well.

 One of other characters is Doctor O, an M. D. that cooperates with the lawyers in sham personal injury cases and that refers to his large male anatomy as the Klaina. He makes sure that as many women know about it as possible so that he can make sure that as many as possible are eager to interact with it. Master Lee is an enigmatic martial arts expert that no one crosses without being subject to serious retribution. Levonne owns a car towing company, and he helps recruit clients for the unscrupulous lawyers and doctors to develop fraudulent personal injury cases. Henry Miller, the author of “Tropic of Cancer” also appears and he is known for his games of Ping Pong with beautiful young women where both of them are nude.

 Given this list of weird characters, the reader should be convinced that unusual things happen in this story, while the list above gives away a little of the storyline, there is lots more beyond that. All I have done here is set the stage.

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