Monday, September 26, 2022

Review of "Johnny Bench: King of Catchers," by Louis Sabin

 Review of

Johnny Bench: King of Catchers, by Louis Sabin ISBN 0399205837

Four out of five stars

Perhaps the best catcher ever

 Catching is the most physically demanding field position in baseball. Not only does the catcher squat for over two hours, but they also control the game and must contribute offensively. From the moment he arrived in the major leagues, Johnny Bench proved to be a powerful force both offensively and defensively.

 He was one of the best at throwing out baserunners attempting to steal and was a major offensive force, leading the national league in homeruns twice and runs batted in three times. He also won 10 Gold Glove awards as the best defensive catcher.

 This book written at the YA level is a brief and entertaining history of his life up to the year of publication. Even as a child, Bench believed that he was destined to be a major league catcher. While this is not all that unique, many of my friends dreamed of being professional baseball players, Bench was one that achieved the dream. Like all players that are talented, there were times that Bench struggled early in his career. It was normal for him to question himself, yet he demonstrated that he had the skills needed to succeed. His honesty in admitting his difficulties is an inspiration to those that dream, yet doubt.

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