Monday, September 26, 2022

Review of "100+ Winning Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions," by Casey Hawley

 Review of

100+ Winning Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, by Casey Hawley, ISBN 9780764139123

 Five out of five stars

 How to smoothly answer the gotcha questions

  While an examination of the unusual interview questions provides some comedic relief, it is largely counterproductive in preparing someone for a professional non-technical interview. The questions that will make or break your viability are a test of your personality, genuineness and ability to flow into new molds of work environments. Many of the questions, such as “Say something negative about yourself” or “What didn’t you like about your old boss?” are virtual landmines. In asking those questions the interviewer is trying to determine if you are a complainer and if you will be foolish enough to state a deal-breaker.

 The questions listed and then answered, often several times, in this book are those tough ones that are designed to reveal your inner strengths and weaknesses. One must be prepared to make a smart, seemingly honest answer that does not appear to be rehearsed and sounds genuine. There is an art to stating an answer to a request to be critical that can be interpreted as critical yet sounds positive. That is a skill that is taught in this book.

 In a tight job market for professionals, doing well in the job interview is critical as there are others that will be your equal in terms of qualifications. This book will help you prepare for the hard questions where you need to put a positive spin on an answer to a question where a straight answer is wrong either way.

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