Monday, June 25, 2018

Review of "Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Safeguarding the Environment

Review of
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Safeguarding the Environment

Five out of five stars
 Although the technology represented by the computers and other electronic devices is dated, the message about recycling in this comic is more critical than ever. As the climate changes with many unpredictable and dangerous consequences, the only hope is to practice higher levels of conservation. The first story in this comic book deals with the value of recycling and the discovery and arrest of illegal dumpers. It is a very effective lesson and demonstrates the power that comics can have in educating people about issues critical to the world.
 The second story stars the characters of the Archie series of comics as they visit the Riverdale Science Museum. While there, they learn about the early discoveries regarding electricity and the many ways in which it can and is produced. Renewable sources are given a prominent place in the explanations as well as how valuable they are in replacing non-renewable sources.
 There are many tools that can be used in the pedagogical process, and while some deride them, comics can serve an effective role. Doubters only have to look this comic over to see that this is true.

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