Thursday, June 14, 2018

Review of "Looking for Rachel Wallace," by Robert B. Parker

Review of
Looking for Rachel Wallace, by Robert B. Parker ISBN 0440153166

Five out of five stars
 Rachel Wallace is a lesbian and aggressive in pushing gay and women’s rights. She has a new book coming out and is about to go on a book tour. Her very public and forceful stance has made Rachel many enemies, some of which have been extremely hostile and threatening. Given the venom in those statements, Rachel’s publisher believes that a bodyguard is in order, and Spenser comes highly recommended.
 However, even though he demonstrates some of his literary knowledge, there is a fundamental personality conflict between Rachel and Spenser. She is appalled at Spenser’s macho tendencies, letting her feminist views regarding men color her approach to what is a dangerous situation. When Spenser forcefully steps in to deal with a hostile man, Rachel has had enough and fires him.
 Once Spenser is no longer there to protect her, Rachel is kidnapped with no communication from the perpetrators. This goes against Spenser’s sense of values and purpose, so he engages in a hunt for her kidnappers and where they are holding her. As expected, Spenser willingly enters the danger zone and extricates Rachel.
 The conclusion, where Spenser and Rachel reconcile, is one of the high points of the Spenser series. Parker portrays both as tough, yet vulnerable and Rachel’s musings of rescue while she is being held makes the story about more than the actions of Spenser. This is a great book, for it portrays the tough Spenser as vulnerable to more than guns, knives and fists.

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