Sunday, June 24, 2018

Review of "Giant Surprise," edited by Joe Funk

Review of
Giant Surprise, edited by Joe Funk ISBN 9781600785689

Five out of five stars
 The producers of this book operated on the goal that they were going to provide a biased look at the success of the San Francisco Giants during the 2010 season. They were successful, the book is laudatory towards all members of the team, sometimes to the point where the reader that is not a fan of the team grows a little tired of it.
 If you can accept a book with these features, this book is an interesting recapitulation of what was truly a dream season for a storied franchise. Once a dominant team when they were in New York City, the World Series win of 2010 was the first for the franchise in over a half-century. Truly a reason to celebrate.

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