Monday, June 25, 2018

Review of "American Honda Presents DC Comics Supergirl"

Review of
American Honda Presents DC Comics Supergirl

Five out of five stars
 Comic books can be used for many things, in general they are underutilized as a training and educational tool. Especially when they are targeted at children. If the message is a simple and important one, a comic book can effectively educate. This comic is designed to teach the effectiveness of the use of seat belts and it stars Supergirl. Supporting players include the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. The content was produced with the cooperation of the U. S. Department of Transportation’s National Safety Belt program.
 Lacking a real villain, the story is weak concerning the usual good versus evil face-off. Yet, it helps reinforce a valuable lesson that children must learn, if the car is moving, then you must be buckled in. Easy to read and understand, this is a comic that can literally save lives. It reminded me of some of the content of the Batman television show of the sixties, where Batman lectures Robin about the importance of buckling up. While we will never know the count, it is certainly true that lives were saved because of what Batman said and did.

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