Friday, September 1, 2017

Review of "Football Stories," edited by Josh Furman

Review of
Football Stories, edited by Josh Furman ISBN 0671806777

Four out of five stars
 This collection of eight short stories featuring football cover many of the human aspects of the game and are written for the early teen reader.  There is a story about a foreign exchange student that plays football for the first time and is a natural, one about a boy that plays the glockenspiel and has a superb throwing arm and a story about a boy that is supposedly the son of a coal miner. The causes the snobbish instincts of the other team members to emerge, to be stuffed when they learn the truth.
 With characters that are from other areas of the world and with interests other than football, these stories entertain the young sports fan while broadening their horizons into areas outside of sports.

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