Monday, August 21, 2017

Review of "The Trigan Empire," by Don Lawrence

Review of
The Trigan Empire, by Don Lawrence ISBN 0890092540

Five out of five stars
 This epic story of the rise, decline and continued existence of the Trigan Empire is truly a novel in graphic form. The complete story is 189 pages and opens with a space ship with a dead crew crash landing on Earth. The technology is far in advance of anything on Earth and there is a set of books in an undecipherable language. After the best linguists in the world try and fail to translate the books, the consensus becomes that the content of the books will remain forever unknown.
 Fortunately, a young student named Peter Richard Haddon refuses to accept defeat and dedicates his life to understanding the alien language. Finally, when he is an old man he reaches the point where he can translate the books and they tell a fascinating tale, the story of the Trigan Empire.
 The empire was founded by Trigo, one of three brothers that are the leaders of a tribe of civilized nomadic hunters. He understands that the leader of the much more advanced nation of Loka is plotting to conquer his country of Vorg, one of the four other countries in the continent. Therefore, he knows that if his tribe and nation are to survive, they must build a great city and learn the ways of technology.
 There are great battles as the Empire faces many enemies, both within and without. Their planet is called Elekton and there are many other tribes with different ways and harsh climates. There are powerful creatures in the wild and many other dangers.
 This story is in the tradition of the John Carter of Mars stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs and the adventures of Flash Gordon on the planet Mongo. After a success and stability seems assured, another threat rises and Trigo and his allies are forced to fight once again for their Empire and what they hold dear. If you enjoy epic graphic novels featuring heroes fighting with weapons of all types from swords to directed energy weapons and monsters of all types, this is a book you will enjoy.

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