Thursday, August 24, 2017

Review of "Grin & Beer It," by Ed McMahon

Review of
Grin & Beer It, by Ed McMahon 

Two out of five stars
 This is a book of very bad puns based on the concept of beer. It seems clear that it was written by someone else and Ed McMahon agreed to let his name be used in order to boost sales. Of course, an integral part of McMahon’s entertainment persona was that of a man that loved drinking alcohol.
 Some examples of the bad puns in the book are:
“What did the beer demand of his lawyer? That he be judged by a jury of his beers.”
“Why do pretzels go with beer? Because it is good for what ales them.”
“What beer can be found in the forest? Smokey the beer.”
 While there will be some people that will be amused by the puns in this book, most will groan their way through it.

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