Monday, August 21, 2017

Review of "Best of DC: Superman Vs. More Aliens!"

Review of
Best of DC: Superman Vs. More Aliens!

Four out of five stars
 These stories that were published in the late sixties and early seventies feature a Superman that is transitioning from the tamer version within the tight comics code authority to the more hip, modern version. Clark is now a television news anchor rather than only a print reporter. As the title suggests, all of the opposition Superman faces is not human. However, all of them are not alien in the sense of being from off-planet, for example in the story, “Danger – Monster at Work,” the living creature is mutated from algae that Superman extracted from the ocean floor.
 Superman is depicted as being the extremely powerful being of the sixties, before his powers were reduced in the later years. He takes some major blows from his adversaries, receiving “hits” that tax his strength and power to the utmost. One positive feature of the stories is that the “aliens” are sometimes depicted as being benign, not bent on destroying or conquering the world. This is a more realistic portrayal, as any beings powerful enough to travel between the stars have probably solved their issues regarding aggressiveness towards others. As human history indicates, the ability to destroy all life on a planet supersedes the ability to travel to other worlds.
 While none of the stories are really tense mind grabbers, they are enjoyable and present Superman with significant challenges.

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