Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review of "There Oughta Be a Law," by Harry Shorten

Review of
There Oughta Be a Law, by Harry Shorten

Four out of five stars
 The cartoons in this collection describe the amusing and often contradictory extremes of human behavior. Each story is composed of two captions, a before and after. The before sets the context for the point and the after nails the contradictory nature of the situation. They are organized into six categories:
*) Vacation Daze
*) On the Town
*) The Sporting Life
*) Nine to Five
*) Wedded Blisters
*) Generation Gasps
 One of the most creative aspects of the cartoons is the names given to the characters. There are the McBundles, wealthy contestants on a game show and the poor Churchmouses that also compete in the show. There is also Wetwash, the Jerkimers, the Flotneys, the Jetsetz and the Schlocks. Amusing throughout, this is a book that can be opened anywhere and generate anything from an amused smirk to an outright laugh.

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