Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review of "Just Enough UNIX Fifth Edition," by Paul K. Andersen

Review of

Just Enough UNIX Fifth Edition, by Paul K. Andersen ISBN 0072952970

Five out of five stars

 The title here is appropriate, the only point where I question the content is in the last three sections. The titles are:

*) Tutorial: Programming in C
*) Tutorial: Programming in C++
*) Tutorial: Programming in Java

All three are a maximum of 15 pages long, not enough coverage to provide any worthwhile information. It would have made more sense to do a bit more UNIX.  
 The remaining material is typical of an introductory course in UNIX and is very understandable, the level is such that the book could be used in a community education course in UNIX. If a position requires some work using UNIX and a new hire has no experience in UNIX but is computer savvy, all you would need to do is hand them this book and turn them loose.  A short series of basic exercises appears at the end of each chapter, no solutions are given.
 If you have a need for a quick and understandable tutorial on the basics of UNIX on the command line, this book will work well for you.

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