Monday, March 21, 2016

Review of "DC Universe Secret Origins"

Review of

DC Universe Secret Origins ISBN 9781401234041

Five out of five stars

 There is no aspect of a superhero that is more interesting or told more often than how they came into existence. Even the film versions retell the origin story of the hero. It is also the more sequentially interesting story, as there is always a new group of coming of age comic fans and they do not know how the characters originated.
 This graphic novel is a collection of reprints of the original stories and few, if any changes have been made in them. The dialog still contains some of the standard sexist material of the fifties and sixties and the artwork has not been modified from the original. The origin stories are:
*) Origin of the Superman/Batman team
*) Adam Strange
*) Green Lantern
*) Challengers of the Unknown
*) Green Arrow
*) Wonder Woman
*) The Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz
*) The Flash
*) Justice League of America
*) The Atom
*) Aquaman
*) Batman/Robin team
*) The decision of the Flash to adopt a secret identity
*) Superman
*) The Jimmy Olsen/Robin team
*) Blackhawk
*) Kid Flash
*) Eclipso
*) The origin of Green Lantern’s oath
*) Hawkman and Hawkgirl
*) Dr. Fate
*) Enchantress
*) Animal Man
*) Tricks of Metamorpho
*) Congorilla
*) El Diablo
*) Bizarro
*) The Spectre
 The origin of the comic character is always interesting to the comic fan, even if it is one they don’t really care for. Therefore, most that enjoy comics will love this book. However, the retro appearance and text may turn some that are used to modern dialog and artwork off.

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