Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review of "Fastner & Larson’s Beauties & Beasts"

Review of

Fastner & Larson’s Beauties & Beasts ISBN 9780865622067

Five stars

 The women feratured in this collection are both very curvy and often very deadly looking. Their breasts are large and they are often holding vicious-looking hand weapons such as swords, knives and spears. They are otherwise physically slim and beautiful, to the extent that they are stocky it is muscle rather than fat.
 One amusing feature of these battling beauties is that they all have shaven armpits, even the two female gladiators engaged in a battle to the death and those with a horse-like lower half are hairless under their arms.
 The artwork is of very high quality, detailed rib, kneecaps and other natural lines are evident. The coloration is also lifelike, if it were not for the fantasy-like content, for some of them there is very little difference from a photo.
 If you are into the artwork of fantasy that features attractive and deadly females, you will love this book.

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