Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review of "Instaread summary The First 90 Days Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter" by Michael D. Watkins

Review of

Instaread summary The First 90 Days Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter by Michael D. Watkins

Five out of five stars

 When reading this summary, I was reminded of the advice that legendary basketball coach John Wooden constantly gave to his players, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” What he meant was that it was necessary to be patient and wait until the opportunity presented itself and then move with all possible speed to the goal. That principle is one of the major takeaways listed in this summary. If you are an executive assuming a new position, don’t just make changes because they have worked for you in the past or because you have the power to make them. Survey the entire court first, understand the proper course to take and then strike as fast as you can.
 Another important point of advice is that you must bow to the reality of the mobility of the modern work force. While it is true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression it is also the case that in relationships that last more than a few days you have an opportunity to correct any initial incorrect impressions or discord. However, this generally takes time and when employees move from job to job, there may not be the time to recover before the employee sours on your presence and departs.
 Given that it is three months and the standard elapsed time before an employee has their first review, 90 days is a logical timeframe to use for new executives to adapt to and carve out their niche.  From this summary, it is clear that the book is a valuable primer on how to conduct yourself when you are placed in a new position with executive responsibility. Consider reading it part of studying your new field of play. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes.

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