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Review of "Instaread Summary Fates and Furies" A Novel by Lauren Groff

Review of

Instaread Summary Fates and Furies A Novel by Lauren Groff

Five out of five stars

 When reading through this Instaread summary, it is clear that the author is experienced at literary criticism. The plot and major characters are explained in tight, clear summaries. The focus is on the marriage and lives of  Lancelot (Lotto) and Mathilde and the tale has two parts, the first called “Fates” and the second “Furies.” Both titles are references to the mythological creatures.
  Lotto was a child of privilege and a caring environment. He was very much the focus of quality attention when he was young, so he grew up believing that his success was fated. Lotto is an actor and a successful playwright, although Mathilde does a great deal to polish and improve his plays. Yet, like so many that appear to exude confidence, there is an inner demon of insecurity within Lotto. Through most of the years of their marriage, Lotto has no idea at all what Mathilde’s background is.
 Mathilde experienced a great deal of trauma in her life, she was shipped away by her parents at the age of four to live with a grandmother that was a prostitute. She is packed into a closet when her grandmother is working and eventually has to cope with discovering her grandmother’s murdered body. At the age of eleven her next stop is living with an uncle that largely ignores her and is engaged in some form of criminal activity.
 As is mentioned in the summary, the marriage of the privileged Lotto and the traumatized Mathilde is one of information withheld. Their disparate backgrounds and Mathilde’s strained childhood creates the background for a great deal of tension and suppressed stress. Raising the interesting question as to how much disclosure is really good for a marriage. While it is often said that there should be no secrets, revealing all is often a recipe for marital problems.
 The synopsis of the book is done so well in this summary that it could be used by students to successfully fake the fact that they read it, if they were required to do so.

This item was made available for free for review purposes. 

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