Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Review of "Spider-Man Versus Doc Ock," by Acton Figueroa

Review of

Spider-Man Versus Doc Ock, by Acton Figueroa ISBN 0060573643

Five out of five stars

 When it comes to education, I have long been of the opinion that it should be by “any means possible,” including comic books. Consequently, I am a big fan of the comic books that present the classics of literature. With all the movies featuring comic book characters coming out, it is natural that books tied to those movies would be attractive to beginning readers. This book features Spider-Man and his most popular adversary, Doc Ock.

 The book is composed of large images with a few brief sentences associated with the caption. The reading level is that of early elementary school children and contains a simple story that is tied to the movie featuring the same two characters. I highly recommend this book for the beginning reader that needs a bit of entertaining motivation in order to read.

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