Saturday, January 4, 2020

Review of "Sea Change," by Robert B. Parker

Review of

Sea Change, by Robert B. Parker ISBN 0399152679

Five out of five stars

 This Jesse Stone novel starts out with what initially appears to be an accident, but then turns out to have been a murder. When the body washes up on shore after having been in the ocean for several days, it takes Jesse and his crew some time to identify the body. It is Race Week in Paradise, where ships of all types come from many places to race, party and consume mind-altering substances. Therefore, there is reason to believe that the woman fell off one of the boats, but no one comes forward with a report of a missing person.

 Jesse’s ex-wife Jenn is also in town doing a newscast and she is staying with Jesse, rekindling their relationship. Although things go well, there is an undercurrent of doubt and uncertainty, they both wonder what will happen in the long and short-term future. At this time, Jesse has not consumed alcohol for some time.

 Using sound investigative procedures and going a bit outside the law, Jesse and his team are able to expose some very seedy characters that make up a sex ring. Sexual assault is really not an issue, all the of-age women involved were willing and eager participants in the sexual fun and games.

 Rita Fiore makes a few cameo appearances and does what Rita does, makes sexual advances to Jesse and gives him sound advice even when he declines. There is a brief mention of Spenser and Hawk, but not by name. Jesse also communicates with Kelly Cruz, a female officer in the area of Florida where the deceased woman is from. Their conversations are loaded with sexual hints, but it goes nowhere. Although there is the distinct hint that if Jenn was not in Jesse’s life, there would have been some action.

 The dialog is crisp, often brief, yet clever and effective, which is one of Parker’s trademarks. This is a joy to read even though the fundamental crime is as seedy as they can get. The main criminal is as remorseless a person as any character written by Parker or any other writer.

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