Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Review of "Dorm Daze," DVD version

Review of

Dorm Daze, DVD version

Two out of five stars

 This movie is the simple and the lame piled on the stupid. The environment is a co-ed college dorm and when it opens an older brother hires a prostitute for his nerd younger brother that is already studying for the next term immediately after final exams. Her name is Dominique and has the same name as a foreign-exchange student that speaks little English. They are of course mistaken for each other. There are also two incredibly annoying bimbo female roommates, a purse full of money that is identical in appearance to an heirloom purse owned by one of the women, a tattooed and pierced man, a criminal after the money in the purse and assorted other players. There is foolish misunderstanding piled on foolish misunderstanding with a great deal of amateurish slapstick humor.

 The dialogue is poor even for a frat boy movie and most of the performances are exaggerated.  After all the female characters have been introduced, the viewer knows that there will be at least one pair of female breasts exposed at some point. The only unknown is which pair(s). This is a movie where you and your buddies down a few before it starts and then make a drinking game out of the foolishness.

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