Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Review of "The Uncanny X-Men," graphic novel

Review of

The Uncanny X-Men, graphic novel ISBN 0812510216

Five out of five stars

 The X-Men are a collection of human mutants where the differences are expressed in the form of a superpower. As befits their abilities, they regularly do battle with villains that also are extremely powerful. In this graphic novel, they do battle with formidable adversaries Those opponents are so capable that they can even penetrate the grounds of Professor Xavier’s School for the Gifted and do battle on the X-Men’s home turf. They are also capable of kidnapping individual members of the group.

 The last story features the villain Arcade, a madman that is modeled somewhat after the DC character Joker. To him, the battles with the X-Men are as much for giggles and the challenge as it is for supremacy. In the end, Arcade proves to be a man with an odd sense of honor. In my opinion, the best super villains are in it for much more than the money.

 I understand the reason why the panels are in B & W rather than color, which would dramatically increase the cost. Yet, the comic aficionado cannot help but wonder how the panels were colored in the original versions.

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