Friday, November 22, 2019

Review of "Breathing: Poetic Chronology," by Gary L. Mathews

Review of

Breathing: Poetic Chronology, by Gary L. Mathews

Three out of five stars

 Some of the most difficult books to analyze and review are self-published collections of the publisher’s poetry. Like all books that contain poems written by a single author, there is a significant variation in the quality. Some of which is genuine and some of which is the personal taste of the reader. All of the previous points are true in this case.

 The poems in this collection are generally only a few lines, although a few take up several pages. Some are avant-garde in style and there is not a great deal of traditional rhyming. The topics are all over the human experience spectrum, from an affectionate puppy to the failure of best intentions.

 There are no great poetic moments in this book, just the thoughts of a person moving through life, sometimes with success and other times not.

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