Monday, November 18, 2019

Review of "Look And Find Superman," by Joe Edkin

Review of

Look And Find Superman, by Joe Edkin ISBN 0785313540

Five out of five stars

 This is an instance of an image search book where the reader is given a set of images that they are to search for and find in an oversize two-page picture. The theme is of course Superman, and it features him in action with friends and foes. What is different about this book is that the list of images to find is small, 6-8.

 As is the case with all such books and viewers, a few of the images are found almost immediately, while the remainder often require a systematic sector by sector scan. With such a large picture and so few images to find, there is a great deal of opportunities for similar distractors and the creators have done that.

 This is a fun book to look through, providing entertainment for people of all ages. It is not necessary to understand the Superman history to enjoy it.

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