Friday, September 6, 2019

Review of "You Will Go to the Moon," by Mae and Ira Freeman

Review of

You Will Go to the Moon, by Mae and Ira Freeman

Five out of five stars

 The library of the elementary school that I went to had a tattered issue of this book and I read it over and over again, adding to the tattering. It fired my imagination to the point where I decided to study astronomy. Eager for more knowledge about other objects in the universe, I began reading the books on astronomy in the small library in my hometown.

 The plot is simple, a boy is fascinated by the moon and he is told how he will go there. He is a passenger in a three-stage rocket that leaves Earth and travels to a giant space station. From there, he boards another ship that is the lunar lander. It takes three days to travel to the moon from the space station and some of the various entertainment activities are listed.

 While this imaginary adventure does not match how the first lunar flights went, it is a logical rendition of how more routine trips to the moon will be done. A powerful rocket to a space station followed by a shuttle trip using a reusable ship that lands next to a dome-shaped permanent base.

 This book fired my imagination and I am sure many others have experienced the same pulsations of desire to leave Earth and walk and work on the Moon. Someday it will be as routine as depicted in this book, one can only hope that it is soon.

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