Sunday, September 8, 2019

Review of "Science Fiction Adventure From Way Out," edited by Roger Elwood

Review of

Science Fiction Adventure From Way Out, edited by Roger Elwood

Four out of five stars

 Some of the biggest names in the history of science fiction contributed to this collection that was published in 1973. The stories were written at the level of the adolescent and there is nothing too far out of bounds regarding the science content. At least within the context of the known astronomical facts of the time.

 The focus is on the people in dealing with each other and their environment, there are no great interstellar battles between different species. Although several stories have strong references to Earth being engulfed in a planetwide conflict that the main characters of the story have fled from. Even when things have gone wrong, these stories have an emphasis on positive outcomes and the success of humanity in the future. Even if the characters have to go to another planet light years from Earth.

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