Saturday, September 21, 2019

Review of "Networking: How to Build Relationships That Count," by Colleen S. Clarke

Review of

Networking: How to Build Relationships That Count, by Colleen S. Clarke ISBN 1878542419

Five out of five stars

 In the modern global economy, a higher percentage of people are working in what is known as the “gig economy.” Instead of drawing a paycheck from a stable and often routine job, a worker in this segment of the economy accepts a job, works it to completion and then moves on to another gig. Sometimes at the same company, but generally not.

 While a worker in the gig economy often gets more challenging and engaging work, it also means that it is challenging to not only remain employed, but also to pay the bills. Furthermore, it means that a worker in the gig economy has to be constantly working to get exposure in order to line up the next gig to begin shortly after the current one ends. That means they must have a solid and relatively stable network of people that know of them and their level of skills.  Creating, expanding and maintaining that network is the point of this book.

 Although it only has 78 pages, this book is packed with basic advice in keeping yourself foremost in the minds of others in the positive sense. Always put forward a positive front, not at the level of arrogance, but that of confidence. Of course, that means that you never make a claim to a skill set that you do not possess and have no possibility of acquiring.

 However, there remains one significant weakness that this book can only help one with, and that is shyness. The gig economy is not for people that are uncomfortable approaching others and talking about themselves. This book may help those people, but in that area, it is only a partial solution.

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