Monday, July 8, 2019

Review of "Zentangle Basics," by Suzannne McNeill

Review of

Zentangle Basics, by Suzannne McNeill ISBN 9781574213270

Five out of five stars

 A zentangle is a very creative artform where the artist starts with a simple line structure such as a zigzag line, half-moons, a symmetric design of small squares or even simple crosses. From this beginning, the pattern is either repeated or filled in to create a completed black-and-white design.

 The end results are simplistic yet elaborate. While they require a steady hand, none of the images are beyond the skills of even the minimally talented with pen and paper. If the simpler ones are selected, they can be the subject of even the early years of the K-12 education.

 Like all good books that introduce new art forms, it is easy to imagine variations of the patterns contained in this book. I highly recommend it to all people that love drawing and want to try something different.

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