Saturday, July 27, 2019

Review of "NFL Films Crunchtime," VHS version

Review of

NFL Films Crunchtime, VHS version

Five out of five stars
 This video features six of the most competitive, hardest hitters that ever played in the NFL. Only one is an offensive player, the others played defense. They are Howie Long, Pat Fischer, Randy White, Dick Butkus, Mike Curtis and Larry Csonka. Howie Long and Randy White were defensive lineman, Dick Butkus and Mike Curtis were linebackers, Pat Fischer was a cornerback and Larry Csonka was a running back.

 The true outlier in this group is Pat Fischer, listed at five-nine and 170, his physical appearance is unimposing, yet at one time he had played more NFL games at cornerback than anyone else and was several times an all-star. When he went one-on-one with the Eagles receiver Harold Carmichael, Fischer gave up 11 inches, yet held his own.

 The video is a combination of testimonials, interviews with the players and highlights of events in their career. Specifically, when they whacked an opponent extra hard. These were tough men that played the game at a high level, willing to dish out and accept physical punishment for a sport they loved.

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