Thursday, July 11, 2019

Review of Sagebrush Trail, a western movie starring John Wayne

Review of

Sagebrush Trail, a western movie starring John Wayne

Three out of five stars

 Released in 1933, this movie stars John Wayne as a very young and unpolished actor. His character is John Brant, a man wrongly convicted and imprisoned for murder. He decides that his only hope is to escape and find the real killer, which may have been an original plot device in 1933 but is now well worn.

 After he escapes, he eludes two law officers and meets outlaw Bob Jones, who introduces him to an outlaw gang living in an abandoned mine. Determined not to make his situation worse, Brant warns of upcoming robberies to be carried out by the gang and predictably starts a romance with a local store clerk.

 The plot unfolds in a manner that can be foreseen, the romance continues, Brant commits no other crimes and at the end, his newfound friend confesses to the murder that Brant is accused of. It of course ends with a kiss between Brant and his newfound love interest.

 There is one very amusing aspect of this movie and that is the number of rounds that the men sometimes fire without reloading. Their guns are closer to sixteen shooters rather than the standard six. This is a movie that you watch because it is a John Wayne western and no other reason.

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