Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Review of "Small Busted Women Have Big Hearts," by Herbert I. Kavet

Review of
Small Busted Women Have Big Hearts, by Herbert I. Kavet ISBN 0880320591

Four out of five stars
 This book contains a series of cartoons with textual captions where the topic is the consequences that women with large breasts face. Some of them are positive, such as greater male attention and the occasional envy of women with small breasts. However, most deal with problems such as bouncing breasts, when they make it difficult to get in and out of tight places and sometimes lead to inadvertent touching of others. Some deal with the advantages of women with small breasts, such as being able to jog without a bra and not attracting a great deal of attention.
 The gags are a bit dated in the modern culture, but if you are free of the most rigid forms of political correctness, you will enjoy them. If you are female, you will relate to many of the cartoons, independent of your breast size. My favorite cartoon was one about how small-breasted women can always augment, it shows a woman stuffing tissues into her bra. Many women have told me that they have done that.

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