Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Review of "Just Kidding: Censored in America" VHS tape

Review of
Just Kidding: Censored in America VHS tape

Four out of five stars
 If you are a fan of the “funniest home videos” on American television, then you have seen many of the gags in this video of Canadian origin. There are buckets of water thrown on people, many examples of the old standby gag of a whoopee cushion, people falling and other incongruous events. What is different is the use of bare-breasted women and other sexual innuendo.
 My favorite video was one of the most ridiculous, where a beautiful, large-breasted woman does a strip-tease in front of a herd of cattle. It is if she is comparing her breasts to the udders of the cows. Absurd, yet the puzzled looks on the faces of the cattle are amusing.
 If you are into the staged video humor made to look spontaneous genre, then you will love this tape.

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