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Review of "The Iowan Magazine," July 1954 issue

Review of
The Iowan Magazine, July 1954 issue

Five out of five stars
 This issue published over sixty years ago contains a series of stories about the Amana Colonies, one of the main tourist attractions in Eastern Iowa. They were formed by a group of immigrants from Germany that objected to performing military duty and the legal oath. The leaders also objected to the rigid principles of the Lutheran Church. After a stop near Buffalo, New York and some additional searching for the ideal location, the leaders of the Inspirationists decided to settle in Eastern Iowa, where they formed a communistic society held together by their faith and principles of quality work.
 The society adapted to the times, becoming a corporation in the early years of the Great Depression and developing several factories that made among other things furniture, woolen products and refrigerators. Unlike other religious sects, the members of the villages of Amana were willing to change with the times.
 Most of the fundamental structure and history of the Amana Colonies is presented in this magazine, yet that information is now very dated. For the Amana Society has continued their principles of changing with the society they exist within. Yet, this issue is a fascinating look back to a location and a group of people that established a society that continues to be successful, even though it and the components are now quite different.

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