Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Review of "Instructor Literature Series: Speeches of Lincoln"

Review of
Instructor Literature Series: Speeches of Lincoln 

Five out of five stars
 Abraham Lincoln is an existence proof that the best possible education is the one that a person gives themselves. An avid reader as a child, Lincoln grew into a very able writer and speaker. Both of those talents are in evidence in this collection of eleven of his speeches.
 Not only are they gems of erudition, they are also very short. Unlike most politicians, he understood the power of the briefer remarks as opposed to the lengthy and boring addresses so popular among politicians. His Gettysburg Address was only two minutes long, yet in the context of history, it totally dominates the two-hour speech given by Secretary of State Edward Everett.
 Lincoln was a complex man and a president during the most difficult of times, yet you can learn a great deal about his thought processes from these 36 pages.

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