Sunday, April 23, 2017

Review of "They’ve Put Custard With My Bone," by Murray Ball

Review of
They’ve Put Custard With My Bone, by Murray Ball 0864640188

Four out of five stars
 The humor in this book is based on life on a farm with a set of cantankerous animals. The main character is known as “Dog” and there is a very nasty and dominant feral tomcat. A great deal of the content will not be understandable to the person with no knowledge of what is done on a farm. For example, there is the passage where the farmer hands a newborn lamb to the prim lady next door.
 Other passages reference little lambs being docked, open-air butchering and the struggles of an old ram to create the next generation of lambs. Old farm hands will be amused by the events of success and failure on the farm lampooned in this book. Some readers will at times have no idea what is being referenced.

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