Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review of "Stan: The Little Turtle," by Anne Toole

Review of
Stan: The Little Turtle, by Anne Toole, ISBN 9781478782728

Three out of five stars
Nice lesson, prose a bit awkward
 While the story is one that has a happy ending, young children might find parts of the story a bit frightening. Stan is a young turtle that lives with his mom in a small pond. Stan is happy swimming in what is his small world and is unwilling to meet the other creatures, despite his mother’s urging. One day, his mother is gone and Stan cannot find her. This forces him to ask the other creatures of the forest for their assistance. She is eventually found and rescued from a deep hole in the ground, but some children may find the uncertainty in the middle unsettling.
 The primary pattern of the text is a set of two-line segments that rhyme. While the quality of the rhymes is good enough for children, the adult that reads the book to a child will find some of the segments a bit awkward to recite. The level of the text is that of the second grade reader and the illustrations are well done.
 The primary lesson of this book is that of expanding your horizons and making friends, for you never know when you may need their help. That is a valuable lesson enmeshed in prose that is sometimes difficult to say.

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