Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Review of "Batman’s Dark Secret," by Kelley Puckett

Review of
Batman’s Dark Secret, by Kelley Puckett ISBN 0439095514

Five out of five stars
 The origin story of Batman has been told many times in print and on screen. This is a retelling of that story, but in this case at the level of the first or second grader. Fundamentally, it is a story about conquering your fear more than that of the creation of a crime-fighting hero, something that all children can relate to.
 The murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents is toned down and justifiably so. In the original tale, they are killed in front of him, in this case Bruce wanders off down a dark alley and when he returns they are ambiguously gone. This lessons the shock value and strengthens the message of controlling your fear. That is a change that is easy to approve.

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