Saturday, April 29, 2017

Review of "1000 Pin-up Girls," by Peter Driben

Review of
1000 Pin-up Girls, by Peter Driben ISBN 9783836520508

Five out of five stars
 In the modern world of nudity on demand and where it is often sent as a pick-me-up, the appearance of the pin-up girl seems rather quaint. The women only go down to the level of bra and panties, although there is some occasional cleavage or other suggestive curve.
 The title of this book is accurate in that it contains a series of images taken from the “tame” girlie magazines. Most of the entries are of cover images that were painted, although there are a few B & W photos. These often include advertisements that appeared in the magazines, which is also of interest. Some of the sexiest images are the photos of the clearly topless women taken in dark silhouette.
 A throwback to a time when tantalizing, suggestive images of women were placed on covers to catch the eye, this book contains a great deal of artwork that is now a part of history. The women are sexy in a sense considered subdued to the modern eye, but was thought to be very hot decades ago.

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