Thursday, April 28, 2022

Review of "Muddled Meanderings in an Outhouse," by Bob Ross

 Review of

Muddled Meanderings in an Outhouse, by Bob Ross

Five out of five stars

Humor about an essential activity

 Shortly before he died, I told my uncle about a septic tank joke that I had heard. I followed it up by saying that we were the last generation that would appreciate and understand the joke. Both of my grandparent’s houses had outhouses rather than an indoor toilet. Therefore, I am familiar with the act of executing nature calls outdoors when the weather was horrible. No one that has not done it can understand how rough it is to drop your pants and keep them down until the deed is complete.

 This book contains a set of short poems that reminisce about using an outhouse. They are very good, potty humor with an historical taste. Each item of prose is accompanied by an image of an outhouse, some very much finer than others. While most people will be able to appreciate the humor, true understanding of some of them will not be possible for those who have not fought the weather and the insects while pursuing the most basal form of relief.

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