Monday, April 18, 2022

Review of "Maggots Number 1," edited by Leonard Clark

Review of

Maggots Number 1, edited by Leonard Clark

Four out of five stars

 Bizarre and entertaining tales of the macabre

 When I saw this magazine on the rack at my favorite used bookstore, I had to buy it sight unseen for it was in a sealed package. I was not disappointed, the stories are gross, gruesome and entertaining. There is cannibalism, alien monsters that devour humans, a bank robbery with a femme fatale and a simple murder for profit that leads to a bizarre revenge.

 The artwork is all in black-and-white and is crisp and sufficiently descriptive. The dialog demonstrates some significant thought and is not ridden with clichés, something that is easy to do when the topic is horror.

 I found it a fun read, if you like horror in comic book form, then you will enjoy this magazine.

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