Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Review of Pythagoras Hi-Q game

Review of

Pythagoras Hi-Q game

Five out of five stars

 There are seven pieces: two large triangles, one intermediate triangle, two small triangles, a square and a rhombus. The pieces have ridges, so they are easy to grasp for placement and rotation. The purpose of the game is to construct geometric shapes from the seven pieces. A paper showing 179 different figures that can be constructed is included in the package.

 As is always the case with puzzles of this type, there is a significant difference in the difficulty of creating the figures. For some of them, the placement of a few of the pieces is immediately clear, giving the player a head start. With others, it is difficult to see where any of the pieces are to go. Solutions or hints are not included, but that is not an issue as it is always obvious when you have found an answer.

 This is a game that will provide you with a lot of challenging mental stimulation (frustration).

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