Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Review of "Daddy’s Little Girl: For Dads and Little Girls of All Ages," by Donna Reed

Review of

Daddy’s Little Girl: For Dads and Little Girls of All Ages, by Donna Reed

Five out of five stars

 This heartwarming story is a common one. A loving father is forced to work long hours in order to pay the bills and therefore his daughter rarely sees him as she is growing up. It is something that is always foremost in her mind and she is now older.

 Forty years have passed, and she has acquired two tickets to the University of Iowa versus Purdue University basketball game. Instead of asking a friend, she calls up her dad and asks him to go with her. He agrees and their sharing of the activity rekindles and reinforces a bond between them.

 The story then quite correctly points out that little girls of all ages need much more than food on the table and a better way of life. However, this point of emphasis does leave a bit of reality behind. It is easy to point this out, yet for many it is much harder to carry it out. For a large number of people, not working those extra hours means that decisions have to be made regarding what bill is not paid that month.

 This book was published in 1994 and for the majority of people in the United States, their wages have stagnated since then. It is not their fault and they are often faced with two options. Bankruptcy or working longer and harder. Loving parents will always choose the latter.

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