Thursday, September 6, 2018

Review of "The Andy Griffith Show: The Best of Barney," DVD version

Review of
The Andy Griffith Show: The Best of Barney, DVD version

Four out of five stars
 The comedy team of the dead-panning straight man Andy Griffith and the apparently mercurial Don Knotts is significantly underrated. Knotts was exceptional in all phases of being a funny man, no one could use body language more effectively, his facial expressions and tone of voice were also among the best.
 Given the number of episodes where Barney was a significant player, choosing the “best of Barney” is of course a matter of personal taste, with one exception it is hard to argue against any selection of an episode for inclusion in a “best of.” That exception is that Barney has to appear in the episode and there is one in this collection where he does not. That is very sloppy editing procedure, an inexcusable mistake.
 If you are someone that appreciates the comedic talents of Don Knotts, you will enjoy this collection. The viewer also should appreciate how well Andy Griffith does the unemotional straight man.

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