Sunday, March 11, 2018

Review of "Mercury and Gemini Spacecraft Missions" a Holiday Video VHS tape

Review of
Mercury and Gemini Spacecraft Missions a Holiday Video VHS tape

Five out of five stars
 I was prompted to watch this video after reading the book and then watching the movie “Hidden Figures.” It is often lost on the modern viewer that when the American space program was being developed, it was being invented from scratch, including much of the mathematics. That uncertainty and excitement is captured in the two incarnations of “Hidden Figures” and this tape cannot come close to that level of intensity.
 Yet, it does give the viewer some insight into the beginnings of the American space program, from the start when all the rockets seemed to just blow up to the seemingly efficient routine that was the Gemini program. While there were some problems, all were solved quickly, and great progress was made with deliberate speed. After viewing this video, I went back and watched “Hidden Figures” again. It is unfortunate that those times, when the United States was capable of literally inventing non-existing technology in order to face a challenge, seem to be gone.

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