Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Review of "Fun and Easy Things to Make," by Alice Gilbreath

Review of
Fun and Easy Things to Make, by Alice Gilbreath

Five out of five stars
 Suppose that it is in the dead of an Iowa winter and it is the weekend. Your children walk up to you and say, “Daddy, I don’t have anything to do.” If you have this book, then finding interesting, inexpensive and entertaining tasks is easy to do. Furthermore, in most cases the materials you need for these simple crafts will already be in the house and very little artistic skill is needed.
 For example, to create a ghost all you need are two white paper napkins, a white Styrofoam cup, a rubber band, a black crayon and a pencil with a point. There are 14 different craft projects in the book, all will yield a product that the crafter can be proud of. These projects could also be used in groups of young girls such as Bluebirds or Campfire Girls.

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