Sunday, July 16, 2017

Review of "Smithsonian Treasures of American History," by Kathleen M. Kendrick and Peter C. Liebhold

Review of
Smithsonian Treasures of American History, by Kathleen M. Kendrick and Peter C. Liebhold 

ISBN 9780061171031
Five out of five stars
 In my only trip to Washington, D. C., I was extremely disappointed that the Smithsonian was closed. While looking through this book is a palliative, in many ways it is a poor one. The opportunity to see things like Albert Einstein’s pipe, Helen Keller’s watch, Thomas Jefferson’s desk, the chairs that Lee and Grant sat in during their conference at Appomattox and Andrew Jackson’s uniform coat are reminders of the people and the history they made.
 This collection of items in the Smithsonian collection is also a demonstration that what is the normal and mundane can become priceless reminders of the history that they witnessed. For history is made by people that did memorable things, many that are not completely recognized when they occur. Not being able to visit the Smithsonian when I stood at the doors is one of my deepest regrets and one that I am determined to rectify.

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