Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Review of Claws Garden Genie Gloves with 4 Fingertips Claws

Review of
Claws Garden Genie Gloves with 4 Fingertips Claws

Four out of five stars
 The initial test of these gloves was when I wore them to pull some thistles that were growing near my house. The plants were sturdy, requiring a very firm grip when pulling them out. While the gloves did not provide complete protection against the thorns, they were sturdy enough that I could complete the task.
 Unlike some types of garden gloves, these slide on and off easily, even when your hands are sweaty from exertion. They are comfortable to wear and do not slide around or bunch up as you work.
 I found the claws on the fingers of the right hand to be nearly useless for my work, they can only be used in soil or compost that is soft and easily manipulated. My attempts to penetrate undisturbed soil proved hopeless, as all I could do was give it some light scratches. Nothing that would prove useful. However, if you are working with semi-soft soil, the claws may give you the edge you need to get your work done without resorting to a hand tool. 


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