Monday, June 26, 2017

Review of "Pascal’s Triangle: A Teacher’s Guide With Blackline Masters," by Tony Colledge

Review of
Pascal’s Triangle: A Teacher’s Guide With Blackline Masters, by Tony Colledge ISBN 0906212847

Five out of five stars
 Pascal’s triangle has two characteristics that make it ideal for mathematical operations that are both educational and entertaining. There is essentially an endless supply of features to study and it is very easy to understand. Many of the properties can be understood by children in the early years of elementary school, all they need to know is how to add.
 This book contains a very useful set of demonstrations of the properties of Pascal’s triangle that instructors can use. They are all very well explained and demonstrate how the principles can be put forward to the students. This is a resource that all math teachers from elementary school through college will find useful when covering the area of basic number theory.

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