Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Review of "Official Index to the Marvel Universe: the Avengers, Thor & Captain America"

Review of
Official Index to the Marvel Universe: the Avengers, Thor & Captain America

Five out of five stars
 This index is an essential reference item for people interested in the earliest adventures of the Avengers, Thor and Captain America. The chronology of the Avengers begins in September of 1963 and ends with April of 1967. It opens with the formation of the group, Iron Man is in his original armor and it is Ant Man before he morphed into Giant Man.
 The saga of Captain American begins in March of 1941, before the United States entered World War II, but at a time when all but the most delusional believed that the U. S. could not remain neutral. The last issue covered is August, 1970. Thor was introduced as a comic book character in August of 1962 and the last issue described is that of October, 1964.
 For each issue there is a picture of the front cover, lists of credits, guest stars, villains, other characters, the location of the action and a synopsis of the story. Although they are brief, the plot descriptions are detailed enough so that the reader clearly understands the action. They are examples of how to write well in few words.
 If you have a historical interest in these characters, this is a publication that you will enjoy immensely.

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