Monday, May 1, 2017

Review of "Shudder Stories 6: Tales of Heinous Iniquity"

Review of
Shudder Stories 6: Tales of Heinous Iniquity

Five out of five stars
 To enjoy these stories, you have to be a fan of the brutal murder and inappropriate use of dead bodies stories. There are four stories in this collection and there is nothing in the way of a warm fuzzy feeling generated in any of them.
 The first story involves a writer and a series of murders of young women where their arms are hacked off. True to his profession, the writer sees a major novel in the events, but his logical extrapolations from the facts of the cases leads him into trouble with the locals. Ultimately, the villain is uncovered as well as the reason why the victims were mutilated.
 The second story takes place in a very remote area that is considered full of bad spirits, the Native Americans avoided it. Evil stalks a couple as they encounter paintings that seem to alter in front of their eyes, revealing horrific events. There is also a lizard man called Africa that is dangerous, even though he has been somewhat tamed.
 The third story involves an extremely secretive cult and the desire of a female reporter to penetrate the organization and return an exclusive expose. It is a cult in the true sense of the word, once they join the fold, members are not allowed to leave and are in grave danger if they try.
 The final story is set on a Pacific Island in World War II and involves a mad scientist type. The Japanese doctor has potions that will reanimate dead bodies into obedient zombies and he has a female assistant. The air battles overhead with crash landings provide the doctor will plenty of fresh casualties to experiment on.
 Heinous and involving the hideous, these stories will entertain people that are fans of that genre.

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